Saturday, August 12, 2006

Following up on things Imps should never say

and I thought yesterday's comments were shocking. I rolled into the 'ole homestead after hours (after the imps should have been asleep for a couple of hours) to find both imps awake, alert and enthusiastic.

Usually a combination that ensures everyone is up late. However I managed to herd the girl.imp and boy.imp to bed. My bed. But actually in a bed.

me: ok hugs and kisses all around
b.imp: (puckers up and waits for his hug)
g.imp: we already did that! And we licked tongues!

I don't really want to know. I really really do not want to know.

On a different topic:

  • Play Dates - We tried to set up a play date with g.imp's friend from her acting class. However the friend's mom was not about to organize with me. I apparently have this uncanny ability to make her uncomfortable.

I cannot claim that this was unexpected. I have read enough comments online to realize that this is my 'glass ceiling'. After all, it is still quite unexpected for the dad to be involved at home. However, while I can still try and see the humor, g.imp is still asking why can't she call her friend and schedule a play date.

I find it hard to not to tell her that it is because daddy has a penis. We just told her that friend's mommy would rather talk with g.imp's mommy and we have to wait until wife.imp is home on a weekend.

Until then, I get to spend all my free time with the imps. And I am not complaining!


mothergoosemouse said...

The mom doesn't want to speak to you? Huh?

Kyle organized a play date with Tacy and a friend two weekends ago when I was at BlogHer. No adverse reaction from the mom. He's also taken her to birthday parties - again, no problem. Are we just lucky, or are the moms in your area just crazy?

dennis said...

mothergoosemouse: You are lucky! I think this is a case of minority influences. Not minority as in female v. male. The family of g.imp's friend is from an asian country where the society is definately dominated by the 'male' perspective and childcare is only handled by the women.

However, until the family becomes comfortable with the idea of me, the play-date 'glass ceiling' will remain...

Mama of 2 said...

I have to say I sympathize with your plight. I have spent my fair share of time with the neighbors husband...letting our kids ride bikes together and play at the park and I am sure to the outside world it looks like there is some hanky panky taking place when really it's all very innocent. Basically it's two adults conversing while their children play in the background. Why it has to be more than that for some people I wish I knew but for me it's just a chance to have an adult conversation (male or female conterpart) and let my kids expend their boundful energy.

dennis said...

mama of 2: That's the way I view it.

Diana said...

dude, they licked tongues?

And you have a penis?

This post has left me confused...

I was telling my hubby about you being a SAHD, and he thought it was pretty cool. (I told him to keep dreaming, that he would never qualify for the gig and he thought I was joking. The nerve.) If you lived here, it would probably be seen as weird as there really are no SAHD's, but you would start a revolution and all the daddies would quit their jobs...
remind me to never invite you guys to visit my town, huh?

dennis said...

diana: Who da' Man? You Da' Man!

As such, I am going to have to encourage your husband to rise up, throw off the shackles of Office Monkeydom! I will make it my mission in life to encourage him to Release the Inner Imp!

Or perhaps just have a dad/imp's night out where he takes the imps out to a play and dinner or something like that...


Look for us at a town near you soon! buuu-whahahaha!