Friday, August 04, 2006

Uno Chicago Grill, Pizzaria Uno's, East of Chicago, TGI Fridays, Don Parmesan's

Are all restaurants where we shall never suffer through another meal.

Restaurant Hama has now made my list.

First of all, thank you for feeding my imps. If nothing else, we had a nice quiet conversation while the imps ate.

That being said, how is it possible that preparing RAW FISH takes any time at all. How hard is it to take a ball of rice, flatten it on a metal tray, spread the green goop on and slap on a slice of raw fish? Repeat as necessary...

Soup should take longer to ladle into bowl! Putting pre-made salad dressing on a pre-made salad should take longer! Taking chopsticks out of the wrapper and setting the proper grip should take longer!

So how is it possible the wife imp and the imps all got deep fried chicken, salads, soups and my brother and I only got kimchi, oh, and water.

45 minutes and not one whiff of uncooked underwater delicacies!

This is a restaurant the wife.imp and I have been bragging on for over two years. We never fail to take guests to this 'best' of all sushi places in our town.

My night now sucks.


Rebecca said...

We had the same thing happen at a very nice seafood/sushi restaurant in Myrtle Beach. Everybody who ordered fried seafood was served in a reasonable amount of time. The uncooked sushi took almost an hour to make it to our table. How irritating when half of the people in your party are eating and the other half is sitting there starving. At least they were decent about it though....the manager apologized, saying they had problems with the sushi chef (dunno what that means), and then he took the sushi orders off of our bill without our having to ask. I probably would go back and give them one more shot due to how nice they were about the whole fiasco.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

First of all, deep fried chicken should always be served in a bucket.

Second- we have a friend who is a sushi chef, all the crazies at the bar get served first.

dennis said...

Rebecca: The manager at our place comped our sushe as well (mostly because it was never served)however, with the spice of the kimchi burning a hole in our stomachs for most of the day today, it will take time before I consider returning.

Tom: Fried chicken always tastes better out of a bucket! I would probably agree with your friend's assessment about the crazies at the bar being served first, but there were 4 sushi chefs on duty the entire time we sat at the table. I cannot believe that the few people at the bar could have possibly kept them busy...

Diana said...

what happened at Uno's??? I used to lunch there all the time pre-baby...haven't been since he was born.

dennis said...

Diana: We had several issues. The first was sloooooooow service. What was really irksome was that there were only 4 other tables seated. Of course this allowed myself and the wife.imp to have a very fulfilling conversation.

However the girl.imp did not enjoy 30-45 minutes with no food. As I was about to get up and search for an employee, g.imp dropped a saucer on the floor and it shattered.

Instantly we had 2 employees show up at the table to clean up the mess. After they disappeared and nobody else appeared, I started pushing dishes within reach of g.imp.

When our food did arrive it was congealed and burnt as only heat lamps can achieve, given enough time.

When we wanted to pay the bill, I had to wait another 15 minutes for someone to return my credit card.

You can safely assume that I have instructed the wife.imp to beat me around the head and shoulders if I ever suggest walking inside another Uno's again.

Waya said...

We love Uno's, my 2 sons would always get the "brocolli cheddar soup", and they slurped it up in no time. You like kimchi? My hubbie is Korean and I've been making this scallion kimchi and it's delish!! Glad to have found someone else who likes that stinky stuff!

dennis said...

waya: You love Uno's! OMG! It's good the imps like the food! Still, you have our condolences.