Thursday, August 10, 2006

I want to suck you.

Name the #1 thing that I never wanted to hear from girl.imp in any context!!

Turns out that while I was futily staving off a stroke, that g.imp's words were actually innocent.

She had denuded a Q-tip and wanted to place the stick against my chin and make little red circles all over my face.

I probably should have been worried about why she thought this was funny. But I was a bit pre-occupied with trying to breath and verify if I was also not suffering a heart attack!


Pickle's Papa said...

This is the shit that scares the crap out of me.

The Wife and I haven't, as of yet, altered our speech around The Pickle. We still talk dirty to each other and cuss like sailors - cuz that's what we do.

My daughter still has yet to said her first word . . . and I am wondering if we are not on some subliminal level programming her vocabulary on some base level.

I am terrified of being called down to kindergarden for the things my daughter will have said in front of the other kids.

well, here's to the ongoing experiment . . .

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Man, we changed out language on day one. We have this friend who swears like she's re-enacting Eddie Murphy's- Raw and her girls started using words in context at 3 and 4.

Don't want that to happen

Diana said...

oh, man. The title almost killed me.
We are going to have to change our language, my son said "oh shit" the other day.

dennis said...

We actually try to change our language. For instance, I find myself cursing in Tagalog now. Don't really know what I am saying, but I likes the way it sounds.

The really scary thing is, not once in the time we have been married has the wife.imp or I ever uttered that phrase.

So I am wondering, was it really (please Lord let the answer be yes) and truly conincidence?

Mama G said...

Hilarious! I've really had to start paying attention to what I say now that my little man echoes everything that comes out of my mouth. For some reason, I have no problem cleaning up my language generally speaking - but put me behind the wheel of a car and I can't help myself. The curse words flow like water out of a faucet. Terrible.

dennis said...

girl.imp has also echoed the wife.imp's traffic responses. Fortunately it has mostly been 'Crap!'

But there is also that 'Dammit!' concerning those drivers that pass and immediately slow down once they cut in front of you...