Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Name 1 of the top 3 Phone Calls you DO NOT want to receive, concerning your imps and school...

Ring Ring (oddly enough the Ring Tone on my cell phone is actually a telephone ring sound - also please take special note of the picture below. Can you guess where today's post is heading?)

me: Dennis speaking
: This is secretary at (your child's school)
me: Yes?

(you will note that my daddy radar is not fully formed at this time as it was AFTER 2:30 p.m. and I did not stop to consider why my imp's school would be calling me AFTER school was out for the day)
sec.imp: I am calling you because g.imp missed her bus today and...
me: she what?
sec.imp: She missed her bus. I tried to call...
me: she missed her bus?
sec.imp: Yes, she missed her bus. However she is in our office right now. I tried calling your wife but she did not answer. Can you come and pick her up?
me: uhhmmm, I'm actually at work (on the other side of creation today and you will be putting your own kids to bed before I can make it to your offices). Can I make some calls and call you back in 5-10 minutes? Yes? Can I have your number? and what was your name again? Thank you.

So hoping for the best I called wife.imp and miraculously found her at her desk.

wife.imp: Hello (wife.imp) speaking...
me: hey! g.imp missed her bus and you need to go pick her up at the school's offices.
(notice I did not butter her up with 'Hi Honey! How are you doing? How's your day? Are you busy right now? --Nope. Go for the jugular before they realize what hit them. Bad news is not any more welcome if it is delivered slowly or if it is delivered with cold, cruel efficiency. and yes, I am a grade-A ass for delivering the news in this manner)
wife.imp: she what?

me: missed her bus. She is at the school's office and here is the name and number you need to call.

What surprised me most about today's events was that g.imp FORGOT.SHE.WAS.RIDING.THE.AFTERNOON.BUS.


after being grilled all weekend on bus number, bus driver name, drop-off address, bus number...


Mama of 2 said...

My biggest fear is Little Man getting off that the wrong stop. See luckily for me he can ride the same bus no matter if I am not working or he is at my mom's for the day. Yes we live that close to my family. not always a blessing...but I digress.

If he happens to get off at my mom's house and she's not home...then I worry what he would do. Being 9 years old I am thinking he would surely think that he could just walk home in his mind it's not that far really. But on a road with no sidewalks and that people treat like the Indy 500 I think not!

So I always hold my breath on the days when he's to get off at the stop when I am not working until I see his little blonde head emerge.

Diana said...

Oy. I would have died if I got that call while I was on the other side of creation.
At least it wasn't at 10 a.m with them saying she never went to school...

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Hey, it could have been worse. It could have been the police saying she had been deported out of the country for taking somebody's milk.

Blog-o-licious said...

Forgetting will continue followed by "I don't know" alot, to every question that you ever think to ask.

dennis said...

mama: I'll hold my breath with you

diana: Thank you. Now I am going to insist they install a desk for me in girl.imps classroom!

tony: nah, she does not like milk.

blog 'o: ahh the teen years. I am so not looking forward to those conversations!

radioactive girl said...

My younger daughter almost missed the bus on the way home the first day of school. Luckily, I have a total of three kids on the same bus and my oldest told the bus driver they had to wait until they found her before they could leave. I think I have trained them well! Hopefully they will continue to take care of each other even when they get older and want to torment each other.