Monday, August 28, 2006

Odds'N'Ends from our trip

When is it time to Go?:

Our first clue was when the imp, in whose house we were staying over the weekend, started running around the house on Friday (approximately 10 minutes after we arrived and lasting throughout the weekend) singing the following tune to our imps:
"Clean up! Clean up! It's time to clean up! Clean up! Clean up! Everybody Clean up! Clean up! Clean up!..."

The Demise of Pluto:

Girl.imp told me that she to has agreed to the reclassification of Pluto. Meet Plutina!



Boy.imp knows his alphabet (and I would have this on audio file but that is out of dad's skill set):

a b c d e f g h i j k emmelenno p q r s t u v w x y and z.

Health and Beauty:

I have to report that wife.imp is not enthralled with my 'Let my hair grow until I lose 10 more pounds' plan to better health. She has indicated, mildly at first, her displeasure on many occasions. Just yesterday she intimated that I was sporty that 'greasy, unwashed look (knowing this all I need is a pair of overalls, a toothpick and a straw hat--preferably with part of the brim missing, and a banjo)'.

I was/am determined to use my lengthening locks as a means to encourage my weight loss (personally I do not want long hair, it is hot, hard to manage and totally throws off my 'swipe with towel then comb with my fingers' styling technique). Unfortunately, wife.imp is/was just as determined to see the crimson locks disappear.

We were starting an argument discussion when girl.imp tossed in her 'two cents' worth:

me: blah blah blabbity blah
wife.imp: blah blah blah blabbity blah
girl.imp: I have an idea! Daddy you do not want to cut your hair?
me: not yet baby.
g.imp: and mommy, you want daddy to cut his hair?
w.imp: uhhmm, yes.
g.imp: then what if daddy agrees to cut his hair if you agree to get on the treadmill all week.
w.imp: uhhmm...

I am not certain what wife.imp liked least; being cornered into starting her exercise regimen or being cornered into starting her exercise regimen by our 6-year-old imp!


Diana said...

If you agreed, you're in deep shit with the Wife...

dennis said...

Well, I guess I am in deep. I more or less leaped at the offer...

Diana said...

*shaking my head*
poor man!

Blog-o-licious said...

I need someone to negoitiate my tread mill!

dennis said...

Yes but who better than the imps to guilt you into adding more time..?

Waya said...

If your hair is 10 inches or longer and you decide to shave it off to please the about donating it to "Locks of Love"? I'm actually growing my hair out to donate it. I figure my hair grows out like weed anyway, and why not put it to good use.

dennis said...

waya: I am afraid that if I let my hair grow to a length of 10 inches, I won't get the chance to donate it. I am fairly certain I will wake up with a reverse mohawk!