Monday, August 14, 2006

Sometimes I am so good, I amaze even myself!

There are some things that I try not to learn from my dad. I have failed. My wife and brothers all say that I resemble him more and more every year. Which means that in twenty years I will be able to jump on everyone's last nerve by just entering a room...

However I am finding that 'Dad's Punishment Techniques' span the generations:

Example: One of my sibs broke into the parental units' bedroom and opened the Christmas gifts 3 weeks before Christmas.

No presents that year for anyone.

Someone got into dad's tools and lost one of his favorite wrenches. Goodbye family pool pass.

So today I decided to implement the 'Everyone Gets In Trouble' philosophy.

girl.imp was yelling at boy.imp for sitting on the blanket the wrong way, or something. However, since I cannot have g.imp assume that she can usurp my authority, I decided to reassert myself as the dominant figure of this household (until the wife.imp comes home...)

I called both imps upstairs and let them hold the wall up with their noses. After they both screamed and cried and vented, I let them go back to their play.

For the past hour they have played quietly AND b.imp has learned how to sit on the blanket in such a manner as to not annoy his older sister.


Blog-o-licious said...

Whoa dude! Ouch! I have to go stand in the corner with my husband now.

dennis said...

Blog-o-licious: the good thing about the imps is that they rarely have this type of melt-down. Usually it is one or the other but both on the same day at the same time...?

Plus by getting them to vent also allows them to reset the internal organism!

In the end, we all win (and daddy gets to be boss again!)

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

My Dad use to do that with my brother and I.
It even carried over when I went off to college - I would still get calls like I was in trouble because my brother did something wrong. I was a hundred miles away!

Diana said...

oh man.
Talk about laying down the law!

Diana said...

You better be working on your story...I will hound you!

Mama of 2 said...

I like your idea of everyone getting in trouble rule. Even though it wouldn't work well for me at the moment...seeing as Girlie Girlie isn't of the age when she would get that....14.5 months. But it will definitely work in a year or so. Thanks for the idea.

Hope it continues to work for you with your imps.

Pickle's Papa said...

There are some things about becoming our parents that I hope come true. My father has burnt every social bridge to the point that people are happy when he doesn't go to social events, and dont ask him all of those amazingly stupid and redundant questions the rest of us are tortured with when he does attend.