Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How fast they grow, or isn't it funny how those games we played as kids take on new meanings when we are parents??

Every now and again, the girl.imp says something that makes me realize just how much she has matured aged. Just yesterday last week a few months ago about three years ago I remember all she wanted to do in the car was sing 'The Wheels on the Bus' or play 'I Spy'.

Ahhh, the halcyon days of youth.

Today we were leaving her school (1st grade orientation) and going to the library for my weekly fix of books on tape, when she asked 'Can we play a game?'

me: sure, 'I Spy'? I spy with my wee little eye...
g.imp: dad! (meaning you dumb clueless hick! I'm too old for 'I Spy') Let's play 'Truth or Dare'!

WTF? I was -- well I was much older than six-years-old before I learned about 'Truth or Dare'. Hell, I was at least...before I heard about 'Spin the Bottle'! Truth or Dare? With my 6-year-old daughter? The imp that has no problem licking her brother's tongue?

me: sure!
g.imp: OK!! Do you want truth or dare?
me: Truth! (No effing way I am going to let you push me into a dare)

fast forward through some innocuous conversation to when we are walking through the library parking lot back to our car...

g.imp: always pick Truth!
me: But I like Truth! (truth has been safe. I've only had to identify my older sib, my younger sib, where I grew up...I like this game!)
g.imp: ok, it's your turn. Truth or Dare? and I'm picking for you! Dare!
me: ok.
g.imp: good! I dare you toooooo..........Got to bed tonight hubad! (Hubad in Tagalog means naked!

(Tagalog is the Philippine national dialect.)

New Rules were instituted in the house today. First and foremost was that there was to be no more Truth or Dare games until the imps were 35-40 years old!

Now, however, it is actually bedtime...


Mama G said...

Brilliant!! Simply brilliant!!

Mama of 2 said...

Dennis...gimp must be quite advanced for her young age...seeing as how my Little Man (9years old) hasn't a clue about the game truth or dare. And I do believe that I myself never ventured into such game until my Jr. High years when it was all about boys when playing that game.

So did you go to bed naked?

dennis said...

mama g: ummmmm, thank you?

Mama of 2: Yes, but the door was locked!

Waya said...

Oh man, I am so trembling right now thinking what my girl will say when she's 6. Is there a bubble that we can put the kids in until they're 25?

And glad your daughter can speak Tagalog. I tried teaching my kids Vietnamese and my 5 y/o said "is that Spanish Mommy?" That's it! No more Dora or Diego for them!

Diana said...

well, at least you did the dare. And to tell you: I never played TorD until I was in Jr. High. Your daughters friends are teaching her too much...

dennis said...

waya: Dora and Diego have also corrupted the imps. They much rather only say the filipino words the will make wife.imp's jaw drop.

diana: yep! I am just waiting for her to come home and tell us she played 'Post Office' or 'Director and Casting Couch' times...

Diana said...

LOCK HER UP! THROW AWAY THE KEY! I'm telling you this for your own good!