Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ahh the Benefits of a Well-thought and Well-Reasoned, Thoroughly-Practical Grounding

I had this big boring blog about being an introvert and books and references to Paris Hilton, Sandra Bullock and nude scenes...

But the imps have intruded into my thoughts, much like my reading time (a post for later).

Benefit 1: It seems that g.imp has finished her Beverly Quimby book and nearly completed one of the Harry Potters. Now one might think a 6-year-old is breezing through these books looking for pictures. However, g.imp takes what she reads seriously.

She has already commented on the differences she found betwixt the text and the film. She questions how names are pronounced and why this character is bad/good.

Now that she has embarked on this journey, I cannot wait to introduce her to Tolkein's LOTR series and 'the Hobbit', ER Eddison's 'Worm Ouroboros', Ray Bradbury's books, Alex Haley's 'Roots', Zane Grey, Tony Hillerman, the original Dragonlance Series, Larry Niven's 'Ringworld', Frank Herbert's 'Dune' series...

Benefit 2: G.imp has improved her negotiating skills.

Just the other day she commented on how impressed she is with my decision making skills. Yes, g.imp feels that my '1 week' without t.v. was ...well...perhaps a tad hasty. So she requested that in future I consider limiting, not her t.v. time, but her t.v. viewing options.

g.imp: Dad? Next time instead of saying 'no t.v. for a week' why can't you say no cartoons or, I know! Why can't we watch 'The Discovery Channel'? That's educational! You can let us watch and we'll learn something!

I am fully aware of what happens when the inmates start running the asylum. However, it is really really hard to argue against her logic. We also have NGEO, History, and the Food Network.

I almost agreed with her on the spot! Then I realized that she did say 'the next time'. That really does imply what I think it does, right?

p.s. In the realm of Arts and Entertainment, I went to bed at midnight after watching the 1st 1/2 hour of the Def Leppard movie. The wife imp just 'reamed' me for:
a- turning it on at midnight and leaving her alone to watch it
b- the fact that she could not just turn it off. She was 'invested' in it even though it was predictable and bland
c- sleeping while she tossed and turned because she stayed up too late watching a movie she never in a million years would have watched on her own.


Mama of 2 said...

Quick impressive g.imp's reading selections. You should be very proud of her abilities. Not to mention her reasoning abilities as well. Seems to me she's thought out this punishment thing rather well but I have to agree with you about the inmates running the assylum...NEVER GOOD!

Anonymous said...

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