Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Swear the Cows are STILL at the Party!

It is now 6 a.m.

The imps have been awake...WIDE F-ing Awake for two hours now.

The wife imp has b.imp in bed with her, trying to get him back to sleep so she can go to sleep so she can get up at a reasonably early hour to go to work.

I am in the family room with g.imp. Detroit needs to examine her motor. She has been running at high speed, non-stop for 2 hours.

Since 4 a.m. we have heard her talk about:
- playing downstairs and upstairs
- eating breakfast now or waiting until her stomach gets hungry enough to eat her heart
- sleeping
- being scared of a moth (to the point of loud, fearful crying)
- soaking the moth in the bathroom and trying to dry it with toilet paper...

For the last hour here is what a conversation with g.imp sounded like:

g.imp: daddy? blah blahblahblah blah blahblah
me: hmmm? mmmhmmm (yawn)
g.imp: blah blahblahblahblahblah blah blahblah blah
me: mmmhmmm
g.imp: blah blahblahblah blah blahblah
me: (yawn)



Blog-o-licious said...

gee that sounds like a ton of fun! Hopefully you will be able to nap today.

Diana said...

Oh that sounds so painful! I don't remember the last time my son did that- of course now that I typed that he will do it tonight!

Anonymous said...

There have been very few people that I have disliked in my life and I would not wish this on any of them...ok, maybe one or two...