Friday, July 21, 2006

Plays, Playing and Play Dates

Yes, today was g.imp's play and she had the best costume there (only because it was made entirely out of old clothes and construction paper -- and the wife imp pulled it all together).

Here she is:

I recently witnessed b.imp holding one arm out in front if him and making a sawing motion over the arm (just about at his wrist). Now I've seen this motion a couple of times now and have been more than a little bothered. I know he is not a gang-banger and b.imp seems too happy and too young to be contemplating there I was, in my private Hell wondering what b.imp was trying to tell me.

Wife imp comes home and witnesses this gesture:
w.imp: do you see that? (b.imp) is playing air guitar!
(nertz! one would have thought I might have clued in on the fact we were rockin' out on the radio when b.imp whipped out his 'guitar'!! CLUELESS!!)

Play Date:
I have read nothing but horror stories about how play dates gone bad can ruin a day/week/friendship. So I have assiduously avoided this activity. However, IF I want the imps to grow up with little to no therapy in their futures, I really should encourage them to mingle and make friends.

So after the play, I cornered the mom of the girl that g.imp seemed to like the most. They played together to the exclusion of everybody else in the room (including teachers and parents). We exchanged phone numbers. I have yet to let the wife imp know of this --honey, g.imp made a new friend this week and might be seeing more of her this summer--.

Ok, the question is, how long do we wait to make the call and do we let the imps call? I have already opted to suggest we meet in a neutral location my back yard so I can kick your ass out of here if things go bad a local park near where both families live.

So, next week we set sail in uncharted waters...maybe...


Blog-o-licious said...

OH my gawd, she is sooooo cute, where can I get flip flops like that? LUCKY (trying to be Napoleon Dynamite)

dennis said...

thank you! the wife imp really enjoyed making the costume--especially since she has gotten such great feedback!!

mothergoosemouse said...

Air guitar! Love it.

I vote for meeting at a park too. If it goes really well, you can go out for ice cream afterward.

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the costume. As for setting play dates, its better if parents talk to confirm the facts. Otherwise, kids sometimes get dates/times/locations mixed up and things get a bit sketchy.

Mama of 2 said...

Here's a round of applause for the w.imp! That costume was wonderful. I give her so much credit since I seriously doubt I could have pulled off such a feet!

As for the play date. Good luck with that. I haven't had too many bad experiences on that front when it came to Little Man. It was normally an okay experience. I am looking forward to hearing how yours goes.

Mama G said...

Incredible costume!!

I'll be anxious to hear, er, I mean read how your play date goes. Park is good. Just plan your escape route and excuse - just in case!

dennis said...

we took our first step toward a play date today and made the 1st call.

No answer, so we left a message.

No return call. However g.imp refuses to give up and has asked close to 10 times since, 'can I call?'

Soon that answer will be yes.

I have a headache now...

Anonymous said...

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