Friday, July 28, 2006

Wunder Kids

We have been concerned for some time about just how smart g.imp is. My belief is that once she hits her stride in school she will move ahead a grade or two. How do I know this?

Before she hit Kindergarten, I had her reading and doing math at a second grade level and I did not have to force her to do the exercises!

So today g.imp is working through her math:

g.imp: mommy how old will I be in 50 years

w.imp: how old are you now
g.imp: 6
w.imp: so if you add 50 years how old will you be
g.imp: I don't know 60 (this would by the red-neck side of g.imp's family asserting itself)
me: what is 6 numbers higher than 50
g.imp: let me see...51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56--I'll be 56!
me: good job (so if g.imp did not retain the Asian gene for advanced math, where did it go?)
b.imp: in 50 years I'll be 52. (ahhh, there they are!)


Mama of 2 said...

SOunds to me like you indeed have a smart girl on your hands. BRAVO!!
Just remember that jumping a few grades is great but in maturity it might be for the best. Had a girl in school (back eons ago when I was there) do something similar. She was only something like 13 and maybe should have been in the 7th grade or 8th tops and was in my sophomore class. She had a tough go of it -- not acedemically hell she was smarter than most of us but when it came to being able to make friends and hang with the crowd that was tougher for her.

So that's something to think about for g.imp as her intelligence progresses beyond her years.

dennis said...
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dennis said...

Well, we are not pushing her to advance too far too fast. I just think g.imp and b.imp will naturally progress to the point where we will have to start feeding the asbestos or advancing them in grades. I do not want it to get too far out of hand because we had a girl graduate high school with us when she was 9.

Not the happiest girl in our class...

radioactive girl said...

I was put ahead in school and hated it! I was fine socially, but when it came time to learn how to drive, well, all my friends learned while actually IN high school. I graduated at the age of 16, so I didn't get my license until a few months after graduation! I would never put my kids ahead even though they are super smart. I hated always being the youngest for everything!

dennis said...

Radioactive Girl:
That sounds like it sucked but let me ask this. Was it better to progress through school attending classes at a level that challenged you, or would you rather have stayed in the 'proper' grade and been bored to tears?

It is a fine line and too much either way is bad. But sometimes holding a student back might do more harm in the long run...

I hope we make the right decision if it ever comes to that point with either imp.