Saturday, July 29, 2006

Did I just get booted off of my high school reunion planning committee?

In reading posts concerning class reunions, it has become clear that the At-Home dads seem to be in the majority of those who favor prospect of spending an evening trapped in an elevator with the MIL with no air conditioning more so than the prospect then spending a few hours with old, high school classmates.

I am among the minority in this issue. While I have considered boycotting my reunions, I have diligently gone to every one but not because of any overwhelming desire to have fun. It's more like I will not let those rat bastards who made high school years among the least fun in my life classmates I was not friends with keep me from attending. Let's call this Spite.

In my family I am the 2nd of 3 boys of whom the eldest seems to enjoy attending his reunions, therefore we will not be focusing on him.

Our youngest brother's (OYB) viewpoint concerning reunions not so accommodating. Looking back when dad told OYB that the high school years were supposed to be the best years of his life, I am surprised there was not a murder, suicide or a murder-suicide. I believe the last invitation OYB received was returned with a two word response. The words were a Verb and a Preposition suggesting what in another context might be an enjoyable activity.

My guess is that OYB will not be asked to be on the next reunion's planning committee.

As you might have already guessed, I also was not among the 'Heathers' select group. I also did not hang out with the jocks, the preppies, the punk rockers (whom later became the skaters), the band, orchestra, choir, geeks, or druggies.

On a side note the druggies once asked me when I quit using. They told me I exhibited all the classic signs...and they were the experts. I would like to state here and now, I never used then or now. Scout's honor.

The reason for this post? None really. I am home, it is late and I just read an old email I sent to our reunion organizer. It was sent in response to her asking if I would not mind being part of the planning committee. Moi?

So I accepted...however I did not want to come to the table empty-handed. This is where I think I made my mistake. This girl lives in New Jersey and comes back to Ohio for every reunion and I have to say that for the most part they have been pretty damn lame (she organized only the 15-year reunion).

The 5 year: was located in the 'party room' of a tiny diner. One can imagine the size of the 'party room'...My bathroom is bigger than the dance floor. We also had a buffet of cold cuts! I am not shitting you. The food served at our high school reunion was a buffet table full of cold cuts! I mean possibly for $5 more we could have gotten a bucket from the Colonel!

The 10 year: Two words: Moose Lodge!

You know folks, I know I grew up in the Appalachian foothills where shit-kicking foot gear was actually used to walk through .... on the farms. Therefore, I honestly did not have high expectations. But cold cuts and the f-ing moose lodge!!?? Why not set up a still so we can drink corn squeezin's and have square dancing all around??

Year 15: This was nice...real hot food! Nice dance floor, tables with real linen with actual china!

However it did cost more than $10 per person...

Back to my mistake. When I agreed to be part of the planning, was it wrong to point out how people recently told me that they felt the 3rd reunion was too expensive?
(I did go to great lengths to explain that I did enjoy the 3rd reunion and wanted nothing less than to repeat the location or something comparable)

Regardless, I have not heard word one. Do you think I went too far too soon? Am I still on the committee? Not that being off the committee is really such a big loss...I mean worse comes to worse, we know where to go for lunch meat...


Blog-o-licious said...

I recently told my husband that I had decided if I was going to drag him to my HS 30 reunion next year. His comment, I won't drag you if you don't drag me. nuf said.
this post cracked me up!

dennis said...

I had actually decided not to go to any more, but then the venue improved. As long as the food is good I can enjoy the evening with the wife imp...But if we go back to the moose lodge and cold cuts...

Mama of 2 said...

Have yet to attend any of my class reunions. We had a 5 and a 10 and from what I heard through the grape vine neither were all that memorable.
I would however like to attend our 20 year (2008) if there happens to be one. It's been long enough for me to want to go back. I am torn to take hubby or go with a few HS girlfriends and just have fun on my own.
Guess I have to think on that.

dennis said...

Well, if hubby has been scoring points you might want to let him off the hook. However IF he is only intent on just scoring...make him earn it and take him to the reunion! LOL

mothergoosemouse said...

We went to my husband's ten year reunion (and subsequently boycotted his 15 year reunion) and to my 15 year reunion. Mine was surprisingly quite fun.

Moose lodge? Cold cuts? Harsh.

dennis said...

mothergoosemouse: I have heard that more people like that 'spread' vs the setup at the last reunion.

To say that my opinion of my classmates has not improved with time would be...polite and accurate.