Sunday, July 23, 2006

Baseball and the Queen City

We took the imps to the see the Redlegs play in their home field yesterday. We had not been in our seats more than 5 minutes 20 seconds and the imps were already charming peanuts off of the ladies sitting behind us. This after g.imp tried to beg some ice cream off of an unknown imp!

Then g.imp crawled up on my lap and started chanting something. I am not certain what, but at the same time he was swinging his feet and kicking the back of the head of the woman in front of us!! But because he is PDC (pretty darn cute!) she just waived off his attack to the back of her head!

Also some time after the 5th inning the stadium started playing 30-45 seconds of various rock songs. My newly found guitar god (Clapton and Townshend move over and make room!) b.imp whipped out his air guitar and also rocked out with the hard rock 'head bob'.

I predict his first album will go Platinum!!

OH! Our little Oscar Winner, g.imp, was given approx 5 seconds screen-time on the stadium's jumbo tron!

b.imp got out of bed a few minutes ago hollering at the top of his lungs from the top of the stairs. Knowing you are all parents (probably not with the same amount of angst as Chag from Cynical Dad) you might imagine what would cause all the noise:

a) pain
b) fear
c) both
d) just plain being mad about having to go to bed.

My bet was 'd'. I was wrong. It also was not a-c. Instead b.imp was standing at the top of the stairs proudly proclaiming that he found g.imp's purse (tiny, ivory and covered with 'jewels').

He could not have been happier, unless perhaps he was wearing make-up...


Mama of 2 said...

We had our own baseball experience this weekend. It was Little Man finshing up tournament ball finally. We had 3 games on Saturday -- 2 of which were played in the rain. NOT FUN!!

Sounds like you enjoyed your game more than I did ours. By 7pm that evening Girlie Girlie had had enough baseball -- mommy had too.

dennis said...

Mama: Baseball in the rain was fantastically fun! (however my memories include actually playing. I would not like to be sitting and watching in rain.) Congrats to Little Man! 3 games probably means his team won..?

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