Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lazy day notes

Because we have been deluged recently with vast amounts of rainfall, we have spent the a.m. inside.

The imps asked for and were permitted to watch the first 'Pirates' movie. As soon as it was over:

g.imp: daddy look at my purse. You have to see how much money I have.
me: oooooh, congratulations
g.imp: why did you say congratulations?
me: because you have money. It's always good to have a little money
g.imp: can we go shopping? I want to buy something
me: you want to go shopping?
g.imp: yes. I want to buy something cheap.
me: cheap? What do you want
g.imp: I don't know. Just as long as it is cheap.

My question is are we teaching the imps to value money and to spend money wisely...or are we just penny-pinching misers?


Diana said...

Dollar Store!!!! It gives a lesson in both spending money wisely and being a penny pincher!!!!