Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Slow News Day

Hello everyone!

I noticed that my attempt at posting a long post seemed to have bored all to tears. Mother Goose Mouse has a pretty insightful post ('What Not to Write', July 10) on this very topic.

However today I have to ask, 'why do I even bother to watch the local news?' Our local CBS affiliate ran a story (at the top of the hour!) right after a 'breaking' story on flooding around Ohio.

Remember, this was a 'priority' story. It was approx 3-4 minutes long. It was a story about an airplane crash.

In a different State!
On the ground!
With no injuries reported - minor or otherwise!


My college major was journalism! I covered about every beat possible and not at any time did my professors or editors tell me: Go find me an old story with no injuries, little to no damage and make certain it is out of our circulation area. You do this for me and I will make certain it runs on the Front Page!!

What is happening here?

With this type of reporting criteria I have a newsflash for CBS:

Last year my g.imp almost broke her elbow on the wall while walking down the stairs. But hey! She did not actually hit the wall nor did she fall down or sustain any injuries!!

I'll be waiting for the news crew to show up on my doorstep...


Blog-o-licious said...

I stopped watching the local news a while ago and frankly I don't miss it. It is OLD, useless and generally car wrecks. I'm sorry people are in car wrecks but I think they can move on. yeah I know if it bleeds it leads. I say if it blows, I goes! :)