Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Too lazy to blog

Today I am too lazy to blog--or too tired and I will be running out and about tonight. So, I have decided that I will not post much today.

Instead I am going be commenting extensively today on other blogs. Yeah me!

I however have decided to change it up a bit. I am going to theme post. No matter the topic that has been posting, my comments must be relevent and not trivial. The kicker is, I have to include what I believe is the worst song ever recorded: 'Microbes' by George Harrison off of his "Wonderwall Music" album.

I am going to also challenge the following to do the same with what they believe is the worst song ever written in their comments one day this week:

  • Rice Daddies

  • where boys fear to tread

  • Creative-Type Dads

  • Mrs Fortune

  • Mama of 2

  • Mother Goose Mouse

  • J's Mommy

  • Mama Drama

  • Stuck In Elmo's World

  • Izzy Mom

  • Blog-o-Licious

  • Circle of Muses


      creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

      Right Said Fred -I'm too Sexy. Don't leave home without it

      dennis said...

      I actually liked that song the first 3 times I heard it...

      Mama G said...

      Oooo ... I'm going to have to think about this one for awhile because I am just AWFUL at remembering song titles, artists, movies, actors, etc.

      Let me sleep on it - and ask the Husband the name of the song I'm thinking about ...

      Rebecca said...

      I am trying to think, too. There are just so many....I have to pick the absolute worst one ever!

      dennis said...

      mama g and rebecca: good luck, since I already picked the world's worst song ever...