Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Our Imps both Inspire and Frustrate...

Inspiration (what good parents we are):


B.imp started using the training potty! Twice!

Neither the wife imp or myself were home for this achievement...I got two phone calls from the babysitter. I sometimes wonder if I'll be around when the kids learn to drive...


We enrolled g.imp into a beginner acting class. It lasts one week. The kids put on a play at the end of the week. Today they got to pick the character/animal they want to portray in the play.
One would expect there would be princesses, princes, lions etc...

And there were and then there was the smartest pick of the day. G.imp's best friend in the class chose to portray a Movie Star!!

Before revealing the g.imp's choice I do have to stress that we parents were told to cobble the costumes together using items here at home. We ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PURCHASE THE COSTUMES!

I am not inclined toward handy crafts. In high school I got a 'D' in shop when we built small table lamps (there were 6 pieces of wood and they had to be cut into squares or rectangles...). I took Home Economics (all the other damn electives were taken) and we had to make an animal pillow. Mine was an owl where the face, ears and wings were glued on. I would have been HAPPY with a 'D'.

Bottom line here, I do not make. I buy.

G.imp's choice? She wants to be a Chicken! Do you know how many small and entirely unique features a chicken has??

me: hey honey, we have to make g.imp a costume for Friday. And guess what? We are not allowed to buy anything.
w.imp: ok.
me: You know what her little friend picked? A Movie Star!
w.imp: that's nice. What did g.imp pick?
me: you're not going to like this...
w.imp: ...What is it?
me: a Manok!
w.imp: She's what?!?
me: that's right! She's a chicken! And you need to make the costume by Friday!
w.imp: A chicken? Why a chicken? Why not a lion or something easier? (mild expletive)


Mama of 2 said...

First for your inspiration...great news there. I am wondering about my own Girlie Girlie she seems to only drink out of the damn sippy cup when I am NO WHERE in sight.

As for your frustration...I feel for you. I can be a little more crafty than what you have said about yourself but hell not crafty enough to make a chicken costume from scratch without buying a single thing.

I'm with w.imp why on earth didn't g.imp pick a lion???? UGH!
I hope to see a picture of said costume when it's completed.

dennis said...

It is great to be married to a very creative, handy-crafty person. In about 1 hour last night the wife imp designed and completed the chicken outfit for g.imp's play.

I might have to give the 'little woman' a pay raise!!

Pics, hopefully, will be available after tommorrow's big event!

Mama G said...

Congratulations on the toilet training news! My V used his "big boy potty" for the very first time yesterday!! Twenty-four hours later and nothing - but at least I now know it's possible!!!

dennis said...

mama of 2: you will not believe the costume! I sat here and watched wife imp create it and cannot believe...

mama g: b.imp will now sit on the toilet for me...That appears to be all he is willing to do for now. I am debating asking the babysitter to come to our house every two hours until the potty training is completed