Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Controlling Minorities

We went to see the local symphony Orchestra tonight along with guest artist 'Big Bad Voodoo Daddy'. The music was terrific! However there were a few things that could have been better:

1) Today the good Lord picked to crank out the sunshine and the high temps. It was 80-plus going into 9:30 p.m. My blinding, white complexion is ruined. I am now mostly a bright reddish pink (however this is also g.imp's favorite color).

2) A 20-something foursome really hacked the wife imp off and were really really working on my last Teutonic nerve!
They show up after us and then park their party right on top of us (in itself not a bad situation) but then the youthful quirks started to surface:

1- Loud Cursing. I mean come on! You show up after the families and then settle in to trading insults like: "asshole", "douche", and the ever popular "douche bag"!

Gee thank you! Now I have to look forward to another in-depth conversation. The imps already know the not so objectionable terms for asshole but now I get to explain douche!

2- Smoking in the non-smoking area. Yes, I know I sound like a minority Nazi here, but there were several announcements (written and verbal) and clearly marked smoking areas--away from my imps.

3- Porno sex - ok, ok their clothes stayed on -- barely. But when your hands disappear under the clothes both above and below the waist...

Let's say that g.imp is seriously crushing on guys now and is very interested in 'dating' related activities.

I was about to ask if they would mind giving my imps some weed or perhaps crack when they decided to go to that motel...

Love the conversations that these four lined up for me this week!


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Are you sure you're not living in L.A.? The only thing missing at family event crashers is the cheesy porno disco music when "that crowd" appears.

dennis said...

To go along with a theme I read about over the weekend, one of the girls seemed to be sooo 'Monica' (the control freak from Friends.

She made the 'perfect' sandwiches and seemed to be otherwise a nice person. But everytime she opened her mouth bad things either came out or (being a family friendly venue) went in...